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Nature’s Truth® Boron Complex tablets can be a valuable part of your daily routine, delivering 6 mg per serving in a triple action formula as boron citrate, boron glycinate, and boron aspartate.

Boron is an element known to aid with the absorption of minerals in the body like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. This trace element can be found in foods and beverages, ranging from prune juice, milk, coffee and wine; to spaghetti sauce, tuna, and peanut butter. While present in many foods, Boron is most prevalent in plants, specifically fruits and vegetables – although the amount depends heavily on the boron content of the soil and water where the plants were grown.

Nature’s Truth® Boron Complex tablets are a convenient way for those who do not regularly consume plenty of fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet. Each two-tablet-a-day serving is easy to take and suitable for vegetarian lifestyles.


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